BLOG 2018


Barry Williams set up Regency Independent Financial Advisers in 2001, set in the heart of Dover the company has a reputation for visionary thinking in the industry...
For over a decade, Regency IFA has helped clients throughout south-east England make sound investments through its Confident Future Solution programme. By operating on a fee-based system, Regency IFA’s service is never motivated by third-party commissions, but solely by the commitment to providing meticulously researched, reliable financial advice.

In the portraiture I covered for Barry and his team at their Dover offices we covered single portraits and also some real life situations with clients, these images will be used for social media, press and also the website. As is often the case these days the photos had to be taken in landscape mainly and shot a little wider, just so that can be adapted for social media banners. I used the A1 and B2 Profoto lighting, for the portraits outside the A1 was used its own with a lighting stand and on high speed sync so a fast shutter speed could be used in conjunction with a shallow depth of field.