BLOG 2018


Profoto asked me to write an article talking about the integration of the brand new A1 portable flash system with the rest of their equipment that I use. It has just been published in the magazine which is available online...
The article is below, written by features editor Terry Hope from Photography News.

"A move with his family to Maidstone in Kent at the age of eight was the catalyst that inspired Jason Dodd to first become serious about his photography. “The race track at Brand’s Hatch was just a short distance away,” he says, “and I soon purchased my first 35mm SLR and harboured dreams of being a professional sports photographer.”
Jason realised his ambitions in 2005, his first commissions being for sponsors of two motor sport teams that he had been following around the country. These days he has clients all around the UK as well as France and Malta, and he regularly contributes both to the national press and specialist sports and photographic publications. He also runs car and fashion courses at Brooklands museum as well as being a guest lecturer at the University of Kent.
“I’ve been using Profoto lights since the introduction of the B1 around four years ago,” he says. “I love the flexibility and also the freedom of being able to work without cables. With the power it offers the B1 can cover all areas of my work and it comes in to its own when I’m undertaking car photography. I’m now working with both B1 and B2 lights, while the recent addition of the A1 lights gives me an easy to transport portable studio set up. In particular, the A1 units, because of their ultra compact size, are perfect for placing in tricky areas, and I also use them a lot for detail shots of interiors.
“I just treat the A1 lights as I would a conventional studio light rather than a flashgun. Off-camera it has the power and flexibility to go anywhere, and it’s perfect for everything from corporate portraits through to product shoots and close ups of details on wheels, while, as mentioned, it provides the perfect fill for interior images. It’s also great as a rim light due to its size, while on a light stand it’s invisible behind the subject and works like a dream when linked with the B1 and B2.”

These days Jason’s default kit choice for a corporate shoot is a combination of B2 and A1 lights, while the B1 is added should he be working on a car shoot. Modifiers include the Wide Lens adaptor that allows the spread of light from the A1 head to be wider for times when wide angle lenses are being used and the Bounce Card, which is employed when the A1 is being used on-camera and the flash is being bounced off a surface such as a ceiling or wall to create a softer, less direct look. Also used regularly is the Dome Diffuser, which gives the A1’s output a softer and smoother character. This can be quickly clicked on and off the A1’s smart magnetic mount and is stackable with other A1 Light Shaping Tools.

“These accessories give me more control,” says Jason, “and they’re especially useful when I’m shooting portraits. I also love using the A1’s high speed sync mode, since this allows me to achieve a beautifully shallow depth of field. I simply can’t get enough of this when I’m photographing models and corporate clients.”