BLOG 2018


Studio photography at a friends studio in Woking today, chance to get some images together for my students at the University of Kent where I am a guest lecturer, and secondly to shoot with new model Danielle Morrison...
Fashion photography for me is usually on location, so it was nice to use the warmth of the studio on a cold Winters day. I used a mix of Steve's Bowen lights and the combination of the Profoto B2 and A1 portable location lights. Using a variety of outfits and colours for her clothing made for a mix of different looks and styles of lighting. In the studio I used the 70-200mm and 50mm lenses, the Sigma Art prime lens is particularly at home in these surroundings.

Whilst lecturing at Kent University this week the subject covered was great portrait photographers, these included Bailey and Rankin. One image I was after creating was a stunning portrait from Bailey of model Jean Shrimpton which Rankin recreated for a TV series a few years back, the black and white image of Danielle was my take on it, similar lighting set up and using a single Bowens 500 watt light at 1/2 power paired with Steve flapping a large piece of card to get the movement in the hair.