BLOG 2018


One area that’s continually covered in my photography work is the corporate portrait, with social media so active now companies are keen to update their portraiture and to have new staff photographed as soon as possible....
Portraiture covers such a wide remit, last year had been a mixture of athletes, accountants, solicitors, landlords, Journalists, musicians and personal trainers. Some have been specifically for headshots, this has covered Kent and London for clients, with others being part of an overall photography session.

The majority of my corporate and social media headshots are used width the portable Profoto B2 flash system, it’s so compact it fits in to its own camera bag and has so much flexibility with its powerful 250 watt output. Other times the simple and dependable lastolite reflectors are perfect for quick portraits when you have enough natural light available.

If you are looking to have a refresh in your companies profiles then please get in touch, I can create a mini studio in your offices or cover some location portraits for a different look which goes away from the traditional plain backdrop.