BLOG 2017


Susie Chassagne is embarking on a kayaking adventure next year, the purpose of todays photoshoot at Ramsgate harbour was to cover the first set of portraits that she can use to promote the trip to raise awareness for various charities...
Susie Chassagne covers the events, PR and Marketing manager for the Blackthorn Trust , and is also a freelance career transformation guide. The Blackthorn Trust is a supportive therapeutic environment in which people can recover, grow and develop. They use person-centred approach to help people who are at points of crisis in their lives, suffering from physical and mental illness, as well as learning difficulties. They provide a programme for people with chronic pain conditions and who have not responded to hospital and pain clinic interventions.

In June 2016 Susie, an employee at the Blackthorn Trust, found herself in her own state of crisis when her very recent marriage ended overnight. Faced with an entirely new reality, she had to choose whether to sink or swim. Thankfully, with the support of the Blackthorn Trust, she got back on her feet, and kayaking and wild swimming were her medicine. The purpose of this trip is to raise funds and awareness of the incredible work of the Blackthorn Trust, to finish the final chapter of Susie’s transformation into what has turned out to be a much better life, and to inspire others to take up life-changing adventures.

The portrait photography took place with kind permission of Thanet Council at Ramsgate Marina, it was also a chance to use all three Profoto locations lights, the A1, B1 and B2 providing a variety of options for lighting, these included the new Land Rover Discovery courtesy of Barretts Land Rover Canterbury and also some kayaking photos to promote Susie's campaign for training and guidance on her future trip next year.