BLOG 2017


Kent based solicitors, Girling's commissioned me to photograph some iconic landmarks in the County. These were in Ashford, Canterbury and Herne Bay where their offices are based...
Photographing some of the landmarks was looking at to for me from a different angle, you know the locations but using the early morning light and viewpoint made them more dramatic, especially when converted in to black and white images. I had to select the days carefully when going out to photograph the backdrops due to the fact that I wanted some detail in the skies, the images shown from top to bottom are McArthur Glen shopping centre (Ashford), Westgate Tower and Marlowe Theatre (Canterbury) and the pier in Herne Bay, using a shelter as a frame to surround the heater skelter in the distance.

For most of the images I underexposed the RAW files in camera, this allowed for plenty of detail in the sky and when processing I just needed to light the shadows, most prominent in the Westgate Towers image to show the detail on the brickwork. The photographs from the set that I had taken will be selected for the boardroom at Girling's head office, these will be printed and framed to highlight the locations they are based in.