BLOG 2017


One of the most iconic cars ever produced has to be the Mini, from the 60’s to its rebirth in recent years under BMW ownership the car has been a status symbol, and unlike other cars fits in to different generations due to its bespoke identity due to the various specs and designs that make it unique...
Now a brand new GT model has been introduced, this limited edition MINI is set to be a future classic. With its slick sports stripes running down the side and unique detailing throughout, it’s easy to see the racecar inspiration. It’s a celebration of the original sporty MINI – the 1275 GT. And comes with the same daring spirit, complete with modern John Cooper Works styling. But we’re only making 1,499 of them. Act fast to get your hands on a modern icon.

The 1499 CC engine makes this a quick little car, a nice smooth six speed gear box and a characterful exhaust nite and loads of John Cooper Works accessories make the car stand out. The addition of the JCW seats is really nice, they are super comfy and matched with the leathery sports sterling wheel make the GT a great place to be. You tend to forget how much bigger cars are these days, the Mini is no exception as style boot swallowed my camera gear with ease. The location was a multi storey car park in Canterbury town centre on Thursday morning, with a permit in place and the early morning sun rising above the Castle that overlooks the rooftop area this was going to be a varied shoot as the underground area was also used for some moodier car photographs.

Two Profoto lights were set up and the majority of the photographs were taken with the Nikon 100mm macro lens, not a lens I use that often but as a telephoto prime lens it is great to use, plus you have the flexibility of getting some great detail shots. Using the two Profoto location lights either side of the car gave a splash of light that then filtered through to the wheels and due to the compact ness of the cars added a nice profile to the bonnet and roof areas.

The Mini 1499 GT was photographed exclusively for Broad Oak Mini and is now available to test drive and order, with only 1499 available they won’t be around for long, especially with the finance offer of £299 deposit and £299 per month on a 4 year PCP deal makes it even more appealing.