BLOG 2017


Always nice to get away after a busy Summer, a week in St Julian's Malta is a great place to visit early Autumn. Temperatures still mid twenty degrees and always the perfect location for great food and drink...
Malta has plenty of sunshine throughout the day and with the lack of cloud cover the light is always consistent, although I travel with a camera its nice to have the Lumix LX100 as a travel companion. Its also discreet for street photography and to fit in Mrs D's handbag during when looking around the tourist hotspots.

Third time i've been to Malta and my holiday pics are usually just of the environment and the spots we have visited. Their is always plenty of new buildings going up in Malta and some of the modern structures wouldn't look out of place in New York, the Marina was the ideal place to visit in the mornings with Sunseekers being cleaned by the cabin crews, the surrounding apartments gave a nice backdrop to the millions of pounds on show in the water. On the last day I walked to White Rocks, an industrial development that went under due to funds and has now been turned in to a graffiti playground with some truly stunning art on show.