BLOG 2017


IFS Pro Share 25th conference took place at County Hall, Southbank London in etc venues on Thursday, the annual event attracts large corporate companies and their employees to learn about the previous years events and also future trends in the financial industry...
PRo Share's annual conference, now in its 25th year, is the opportunity for plan issuer companies, plan administrators, advisors and providers to meet at one of the largest events of its kind in the UK. At the event industry experts deliver a series of seminars and case studies, their are also panel discussions and keynote speeches from business leaders and academics.

The event has just over thirty different seminaries going on through the day, my brief is to capture the networking and each of the speakers throughout the day. After lunch their was a keynote speech and more workshops to follow. I opted to use the 85mm and prime 20mm wide lenses attached to two Nikon cameras, the larger zoom focal length is perfect for discreet images throughout the event and allows me to pick out the speakers and guests without being too intrusive, also the shallow depth of field down to 1.4 helped in lower lit areas.