BLOG 2017


Showcasing 300 years of English Freemasonry, the Masonic Classic Vehicle Club had organised a series of classic car runs that had taken place across England an Wales. The last event finished at the historic setting of Brooklands Museum in Weybridge...
After Fifteen runs throughout England, The Classic 300 series of events concluded with a finale at the oldest purpose-built motor race venue in the world – Brooklands Circuit, in Weybridge, Surrey.

It was always intended that these Masonic Fun Runs would not travel to Masonic Centres, but would visit motoring venues, giving as many public visitors as possible the opportunity to see Freemasons, and their friends and families, enjoying their vehicles and at the same time offering the public the chance to enjoy seeing these superb vehicles as well.

From May to October this year this programme of displays has been seen, and is being seen, from the Lake District to Lands End, via such varied places as Brands Hatch in Kent and the Crich Tramway Centre in Derbyshire – and many, many others. The photography of the classic cars was to give each driver a memento if their arrival at Brooklands, with photos on the banking and in front of Concorde.