BLOG 2017


Exclusive Fitness is a private gym with a group of personal trainers, all highly qualified to achieve the customers desired results. The facility is based in Wincheap Canterbury and has a reputation for its friendly team and facilities...
Exclusive Fitness is a team of four experienced and accomplished Personal Trainers, based at a luxury, private fitness studio in Canterbury. Unlike the big commercial gyms in town, you can train without fear of prying eyes and relax as we devote our full attention to your needs.

Howard, Tom and Ellie and Matt provide a friendly and relaxed atmosphere, but at the same time drive you to achieve your goals. They help you achieve the look you dream of, while making it a fun, enjoyable experience. The photography was arranged through Finally, a creative agency based in the heart of Canterbury. They are doing an update for the gyms website and the imagery had to cover all aspects of the companies team, studios and other areas that make this different from the larger more intimidating training centres.

I had done a recce the previous week and met the owners Howard and Tom, this gave me a I idea if lighting and the space available. The gym had managed to bring in eight customers so that they could show the various levels of trading available, and also the breadth of ages that they cater for in the private gym in Canterbury. The lighting was very neautral, so the only time I used the Profoto lighting was for the staff portraits and group photos. The Sigma 50mm 1.4 art lens came in to its element as it gives the impression of covering a wide area in large spaces, almost like a wide angle but without the distortion, the concern was not to pick up too many reflections in the mirrors so a shallow depth of field was required. The other interior and exterior photos were taken with the 14-24mm Nikon 2.8 lens, perfect to show off the facilities available and Exclusive Fitness huge range of exercise facilities.