BLOG 2017


Wellington College is situated in Crowthorne, Berkshire. Set among woodlands and greenery it is a stunning location, today I was covering a days photography for Bell International Schools. The International students use the Summer break to visit the UK and brush up on their languages...
Today was a full on schedule, and diverse as well. The subjects ranged from classroom activities to football and horse riding. One of the main areas that needs to be covered is the front page brochure image and also other images for web and social media use. The images are then put in to the Bell brochures, online and in print and used by their agents to sell the courses to parents and students worldwide.

I have covered the education photography for Bell schools for eleven years now, Wellington College is just one of many schools that are used and the architecture and grounds provide plenty of diverse backdrops for the photography. I used a mixture of natural light and the Profoto B2 portable flash unit, being self contained it gives plenty of light from its 250 watts of power. I also had my trusty Lastolite reflector with me as well when I just needed to add some light in to the portraits.