BLOG 2017


Eggs to Apples is run by Susannah and Craig Hewett and a great team of knowledgeable and food loving people. Susannah and Craig mark the third generation of the Barnes family to run a farm shop in the village, todays photo shoot was on behalf of McCabe Ford Williams accountants who look after the companies accounts...
Eggs to Apples has been built on the site of the original Lodge Farm Shop started by Susannah’s father and grandfather in 1972. Soon after Lodge Farm Shop was established as they started to grow and sell soft fruit and vegetables from other local farmers. The farm shop building itself places the Area of Outstanding and Natural Beauty in which it resides at the core of its design. A modern take on a traditional barn, the shop boasts solar panels and 6,000 litre rain water harvester for grey water use, is insulated using Isowool made from recycled glass bottles and clad in locally-prevalent sweet chestnut. After months of planning and coming up with a new name (in the pub of course) Eggs to Apples was born.

The basic principles of the original shop – fresh, local and seasonal are retained but Susannah and Craig and friends have brought the Farm Shop concept into the 21st century whilst retaining the sense of family business. In fact, Richard and Patricia have partially come out of retirement as both mentors and chief pumpkin growers.

McCabe Ford Williams have a quarterly newsletter that goes out to its clients, the photos and a write up will feature the business and promote it to MFW's large client base. The photos were a mixture of staff, customers and showing the site and produce available, along with its country setting.