BLOG 2017


Macdonald hotels are a group of 45 hotels across the UK, each with its own unique style. They range from countryside to city, every Macdonald Hotel is full of individual charm and strong local character. With the venues being located from Scotland to the South of England, today they had an event at the Deck terrace located at the National theatre to promote their hotels to a London audience...
Macdonald hotels had chosen this impressive venue on London's Southbank was an impressive venue for the various regions to promote their settings to an invited audience of corporate customers and journalists.

My brief was to cover the event from early to late evening, their were different stations of staff promoting their regions, with virtual reality headsets and whiskey tasting as just two of the events happening. The Deck terrace that was used also had a breathtaking view of the Thames and St Paul's Cathedral, this worked well for a backdrop to capture some portraits of senior members of the hotel group. The photos will accompany press releases to the travel and tourism industry.