BLOG 2017


Bentley Wood is an all Girls school for 11-16 year olds, based in Stanmore, Middlesex it is set in scenic woodlands and has a reputation for providing superb results across its age groups in examinations. I was at the school for a full day and the aim was to put together a new set of images for the website and marketing materials...
Bentley Wood School has a very relaxed and professional feel about it, this came across in the photos of the teachers and students. The brief was to cover a variety of subjects which could then be used on the revamped website which is in progress, also the marketing team were after other imagery for social media, leaflets and posters for the school.

With the exception of some exterior photos I used the 70-200mm telephoto zoom lens, at F2.8 it is great for working in low light and also flexible for candids and sports photographs due to the scope of its focal length. The day was shadowed by rain for most of it, there were brief spells where it cleared up and allowed for some general photos of students enjoying the open spaces available.