BLOG 2017


Aegis London commissioned me to photography over 100 of their employees over a two day period, the images were to be used on the companies new website and also for Linked In and various social media platforms...
AEGIS London’s roots lie in energy and a mutual insurance business in the US but today they cover much more than energy. In just over a decade the company has diversified successfully into a wide range of classes traditionally written in the Lloyd's market – and is recognised as a leader in many of the markets in which it now operates. AEGIS London is now one of the most diversified businesses within the Lloyd's market.

I had two different locations over the sessions to photograph each staffs profile portraits, I kept the lighting as consistent as possible with the aid of the compact Profoto B2, the battery pack supplies enough for 250 flashes after a full charge which was ample for each session. The companies corporate colours are orange, so the warm backdrop of the corridor and glass gave a warm and modern feel to the overall portraits at the companies London offices. A few other backdrops were also covered to give a variety as well.