BLOG 2017


Insight Investment has been sponsoring the Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibition for over a decade now, the opening evening of the event was open to invited clients and guests of the company on a warm Summers evening at this historic venue in London...
Famous as the world’s largest open submission show, there are certain things the Summer Exhibition delivers on every single year: a panorama of art in all mediums, a remarkable mixture of emerging artists and household names, and more to see and explore than any other exhibition you’re likely to visit this year. Also work from famous artists were on display, including CBE Tracey Emin.

As in previous years, most works are for sale, giving the opportunity to own original artworks by leading artists of today and tomorrow. And, crucially, proceeds allow the RAA to continue providing, free, world-class postgraduate tuition in the RA Schools. The exhibition is open until the 20th August and I am sure has something for everyone, I was particularly taken by the architectural models and sculptures which had amazing detail.

The photography for Insight Investment was to capture the set up of the event, guests networking and enjoying the varied artwork and also the artists performing musical pieces. A lot of the time you are always very conscious of the background, no such problem this evening as the artwork provided a great setting for the candids of people enjoying the event at the Royal Academy of Arts in Piccadilly, London.