BLOG 2017


Sunday and after covering the 400 plus cars taking off for the London to Brighton rally from Brooklands I had the chance to photograph a stunning 911 Carrera 4, from 1995 it was the last of the air cooled Porsches...
Porsche always produce great sports cars, and the heritage of the 911 is without question one of the most respected brands and models in the sports car worlds. The wide bodied 993 from 1995 had a great stance to it, when photographing the car it was important to show off the wider arches, which with the aid of the Profoto B2 location lighting made the job easier.

I wanted to use some different settings and frame the Porsche in among the aviation field, the car resplendent in arctic silver. Along with the exterior photos I covered some detailed images of the interior and alloy wheels. I just used the 70-200mm Nikon F2.8 lens, great to shoot at distance, and with bright metallics its important to minimise reflections.