BLOG 2017


Ten days, six countries, 2300 miles and quiet a few tanks of fuel between a supercharged Jaguar and a Turbo Porsche meant a great time. A road trip with four friends and covering some amazing roads, great food and wine plus a chance to take some photos against some stunning backdrops provided a real busman's holiday for me...
Departing from Folkestone early on the Friday morning allowed us a leisurely drive down to our hotel for the night in the picturesque ski resort of Chamonix, mid way en route we done the routine stop off at the legendary Reims motor racing circuit, although all that remains are the grandstands and pit enclosures, nevertheless an ideal stop off to cover some photos of the Jaguar XES and Porsche 911 Turbo S. Chamonix is a beautiful place, with Mont Blanc on the doorstep the whole place is covered in picturesque backdrops.

Saturday was a long day driving down in the pouring rain to the villa in the heart of the Tuscan hills, no chance for any driving stories just a steady plod down to our accommodation, only real bonus was the best fuel consumption of the trip! The week consisted of us taking in the sights of Pisa, Siena, Lucca and some hidden restaurants providing some amazing Tuscan food. The real highlight of the driving was finding the SR 222, its part of the legendary Mille Miglia which is taking place across the country now. Not only was the stretch of road amazing with twists and turns but the Tuscan countryside was really showing off its beauty.

The remaining few days were relaxing and full of great weather, Friday we travelled for an overnight stay in Lake Como, always a joy to take in the culture and wonderful scenery of this amazing city. Saturday was the autobahn, congratulate Germany for providing a motorway where their are no speed limits, the traffic flows freely and feels a lot safer then the M25 ever does with all cars driving erratically all the time. Just before we checked in to our hotel in Stuttgart a quick look around the Porsche museum, rich in heritage and showing off all of the German sports car manufacturers early to late cars, the Le Mans race cars always look amazing.

Sunday was travelling back to blighty, we covered some of the St Bernadino pass and this was the last spot for a quick photo shoot of the cars, both covered separately on the blog either side of this feature. I travelled light and used the Nikon D810 with the super sharp Sigma 50mm prime Art lens, its light and always a joy to come back to basics with one focal length. Also in the kit bag was the Lumix 100, 24-70mm lens worked well for those general travel photography images, plus the built in wi-fi allowed for some quick edits own the move to my mobile.