BLOG 2017


Kent based building and construction company Arkay Building Services have been a client of mine for may years, this week I covered a variety of projects they had just completed for their new website...
Architectural photography is always based around the weather, preferably azure blue skies to add colour and also warm light to the building exteriors and interiors. I was fortunate that today was the warmest day of the year, with the sun up high mid afternoon it worked perfectly for the Three Hills Sports Centre in Folkestone where Arkay had done some interior and exterior design and building work. The second property was a number of shops in the Old High Street of Folkestone, the main one was the Steep Street Coffee shop, aptly named as it is a climb but with fresh pastries and great coffee its well worth a visit.

I used the 14-24mm Nikon F2.8 wide zoom lens, its the perfect tool for interiors and exteriors, especially when your working in small spaces and want to show the whole image. The interiors were taken using the Giottos tripod, it also allows for perfect framing and using the live view function allows you to make sure that all of the lines are straight and true.