BLOG 2017


After covering a few sessions of photography at Bourne veterinary centre just outside of Canterbury I met a familiar face at the puppy school, Dave works at Motorline Renault and after having a chat his Rottweiler puppy Kayo seemed very keen on the camera, hence the meeting up last weekend to capture some portraits of the pooch...
Photographing any animal is always a challenge, dependant on mood and time of day most animals like to go on a wander, last thing on their mind is posing for the camera. I was using the Profoto B2 portable flash unit, its light, flexible and was enough to allow me to control the bright ambient light on the day. Shooting at high speed sync as well enabled me to set an aperture of F2.8 to throw the background out of focus. Kayo played around but eventually posed for a mix of images, the hay bale ones worked well as it was high up and she didn't have too far to move around.

The dog photography took place in Canterbury, Kent and the images were taken for the owner as well as a greeting card company, hopefully cute Rottweiler puppies will be a feature very soon.