BLOG 2017


Canterbury Christ Church University's annual Cathedral concert took place on Saturday evening at the stunning Canterbury Cathedral. The students from the music and performing arts performed a variety of classics from the worlds greatest conductors…
The students performed at Canterbury Cathedral a host of classics, these included works by Strauss and Brahms. Guest conductors on the night included David Allinson who is head of Christ Church Universities music and performing arts department. The Quire is an intimate space at the rear of the cathedral and played an atmospheric part in the evenings music, there was an interval which allowed me to move around the Cathedral.

I know the venue really well and being discreet and out of sight is of prior importance for these music photography events at Canterbury Cathedral, the 70-200mm lens with the camera in silent mode allows enough scope to manoeuvre around the orchestra and choir with ease. Lighting wise it is always subdued so the ISO has to go up to around 2000-3200, shutter speeds need to be in the region of 1/125 to 1/200 especially at full zoom. The D810 had the 14-24mm lens attached to cover some wider photos, this was especially effective at the top of the organ room looking down on the audience and orchestra to show the scale of the venue and the audience and performers.