BLOG 2017


Morley College this afternoon in Lambeth London as a follow up to last months photography, this time was to capture some corporate head shots and cover some areas that were not available to capture last time...
Since the last education photography shoot in London for Morley College the Sigma 85mm art lens prime has been a new addition to the kit bag, I used this for all of the photography. I would tend to use the 70-200mm telephoto, but the balance of the 85mm and its wide open aperture to 1.4 makes it a real delight to use, sometimes in real life situations you can;t do anything about the backgrounds, but with such wise open apertures it gives a lot more scope.

The areas covered today were the College art gallery where a new exhibition of students work has just been put on display, portraits of senior management team, the library, swing band music lessons and a public lecture that took place in the early evening.The photographs will appear on the College website, social media and various publicity posters and leaflets.