BLOG 2017


Always nice to have a few weeks off over the Christmas period, I had a few jobs around Christmas time and have posted a few images in this article, as usual a diverse mix...
After a very busy year for Faversham brewery Shepherd Neame covering the photography of over 100 pubs my last job of the year for them was to capture some stock festive images, these can be used in 2017 on the company website and social media pages. I met Santa Claus in Canterbury High Street, the job was a PR shoot for Poundland stores who were doing a meet Santa throughout the UK.

A couple of photography assignments for St Edmund's School finished the year off, the annual carol service at Canterbury Cathedral is always a nice way to end the year, full of atmosphere and joy as the choir and musicians perform some beautiful renditions of Christmas classics. In contrast the St Edmund's School football team played their last home game on the Saturday afternoon prior to Christmas day, it was only a few degrees and misty which made it more of a challenge to get some action images, by 3pm I was using ISO 2500 outside to get some fast enough shutter speeds to freeze the action.