BLOG 2017


Professional Photo magazine have just published an article covering my automotive photography, the feature was on my use of lighting and how I go about putting a car photo commission together...
Profoto lighting company contacted me in the first instance about submitting some of my car photography images over to the features editor at Professional Photo magazine, the only stipulation was that they had to be photographed using the Profoto products. I have had the B1 flash unit for over three years now, and it always comes along on every car shoot, the article explains about the use of the 500 watt portable flash unit in my images, how light is balanced against natural daylight and how I cope with using the system. Issue 128 of the magazine is out now in print, or available to download by the app.

The cars featured were a Jaguar F Type British Edition, photographed at Dreamland funfair park in Margate, Kent, and secondly the Morgan Aero 8 which was taken at Eastwell Manor Hotel in Ashford, Kent. Two very British sports cars against two very different but iconic English backdrops.